Cognitive Architecture

Prospective Students

As a student, there are multiple ways to get involved with the cognitive architecture group, as discussed below. I’m usually looking to work with students who have an interest in cognitive architectures and either a background in, or a willingness to learn about, graphical models. Having expertise and/or interest in other relevant areas is generally a plus as well, as many projects end up exploring the relationship of a traditional AI or Cognitive Science topic to the broader context of the mind as a whole (and to Sigma in particular).

Prospective Ph.D. Students

Many years we are looking to take on new USC Ph.D. students as graduate research assistants. Most often this will be students in computer science, but related disciplines may also be considered. If you are a current USC Ph.D. student and are interested, please contact Paul Rosenbloom at If you are not currently a USC Ph.D. student and have an interest in applying to USC’s CS Ph.D. program, you can find the relevant information at If you are applying to computer science, be sure to mention Paul Rosenbloom as one of the faculty you may be interested in working with, so that I will be sure to find your application. You may also contact me via email, at the address above.

USC Undergraduates

Contact if interested in doing directed research. I usually submit a project description to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering Merit Research program. You can find out information about this and other related programs at

Students at Other Universities

There are internship possibilities most summers. I have worked with students through ICT’s summer internship program and through various Viterbi School of Engineering summer internship programs. You can even apply to both.